The Poco F6 Pro 5G is a rumored phone expected for free in 2024, but there is no authorized substantiation from Poco yet. Here’s what we can forgather based on leaks and speculation:

Possible Release Date:

Based on Poco’s dissuasive free cycle and advanced certifications, rumors offer the Poco F6 Pro 5G could have launched old in April or May of 2024.


This is a key area where there is some debate. The Poco F6 Pro 5G’s free date likelier delineate the cpu it gets.

  1. Option 1; Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 If it launches earliest in 2024, it might have sported the modish and superlative Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip,’ offering super executing for demanding tasks and future proofing the phone.
  2. Option 2; Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 If it has a later free date, it could be equipped with the still powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which would have was a slimly more low priced choice while delivering first class performance.


Multiple RAM options was expected, catering to clear cut user needs:

  1. 8GB: Ideal for quotidian tasks like browsing, ethnic media, and light gaming.
  2. 12GB: A good option for power users who multitasked heavily, play demanding games,’ or want sander executing overall.


Storage options are also rumored to vary,’ providing users with flexibility:

  1. 128GB: A comely base entreat for most users who did not store a ton of media or games.
  2. 256GB: A meliorate choice for users who took a lot of photos and videos, download large games, or want extra space for rising needs.


‌The demonstrate was expected to be a large and immersible OLED panel, clever most 6.7 inches in size.

  • High freshen rate: Look out for a freshen rate of 120Hz or even higher. This translates to sander visuals and a more manipulable user experience, peculiarly when scrolling, gaming, or watched fast paced content.


‌Specific details are under wraps, but rumors offer a multiple or quad camera transcription on the back.

  1. High megapixel main sensor: The main camera demodulator might have boasted a declaration exceeding 100MP, allowing for capturing improbably detailed photos.
  2. Possible additive lenses: Depending on the configuration, the phone might have also included ultrawide, telephoto,’ or macro lenses for capturing single types of shots.

Other Potential Features:

  1. Fast charging: Expect fast charging capabilities,’ peradventure exceeding 65W, for quick powered up the phone is battery.
  2. In display fingermark sensor: This spacious athletics allows for fix unlocking of the phone by placing your experience on the designated area on the display.
  3. 5G connectivity: As a 5G phone, it will be able to approach ultrafast data speeds in areas with 5G entanglement coverage.

Camera Enhancements:

  1. Improved Night Mode: Poco phones was known for their comely night photography, but the F6 Pro 5G could have took it a step hike with an enhanced Night Mode that captures brighter and clearer low light shots with less noise.
  2. AI powered Features: Expect to see advanced AI functionalities integrated into the camera Lapp. This could have included scene acknowledgment for mechanically adjusting camera settings based on the environment, accusative acknowledgment for focusing on appropriate subjects,’ and AI beaut mode for natural looking enhancements in self’s.
  3. Pro Video Mode: Ideograph enthusiasts might have were happy with a Pro Video Mode offering more blue collar check over settings like frame rate, white balance, and focus, allowing for more originative video shooting.

Performance Boosters:

LiquidCool Technology: Poco phones often athletics some form of liquefied cooling to shoot heat during sharp gaming or processing tasks. The F6 Pro 5G could have saw an improved adjustment of this engineering for meliorate caloric direction and sustained performance.

Game Booster Mode: A refined Game Booster Mode could have was present, optimizing transcription resources and prioritizing executing while gaming. This might have included features like blocking notifications and calls, allocating more processing power to the game, and peradventure offering tactile feedback enhancements for a more immersible gaming experience.

Display Finesse:

  1. HDR Support: The demonstrate might have boasted HDR High Dynamic Range support,’ allowing for a wider range of colors and improved counterpoint for a more vivacious and tangible viewing have when watching HDR content.
  2. DC Dimming: For users concerned about eye strain, the phone might have offered DC Dimming, which could help declaration trial flickering at low frivolous levels.

Additional Possibilities:

  1. Wireless Charging: While Poco phones have not traditionally offered radio charging, the F6 Pro 5G might have surprised us with this feature, catering to users who opt a wire free charging option.
  2. Stereo Speakers: Dual front facing binaural speakers could have enhanced the multimedia experience as well as offered more immersible sound for movies, games, and music.
  3. IP Rating: An IP rating for dust and water opponent could have provided peace of mind against minor spills or inadvertent pic to dust.


  1. Mid range to Upper Mid range: Poco had carved a niche for offering features typically found in flagship phones at more competitor prices. Considering this strategy as well as the F6 Pro 5G might have landed someplace in the mid range to upper mid range price segment.
  2. Factors Affecting Price: The final price likelier calculate on single factors, including:
  3. Confirmed Specs: The final set of features and ironware specifications importantly influenced the price tag. A phone with the top of the line Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 cpu and a 256GB entreat choice likelier cost more than an edition with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and 128GB storage.
  4. Regional Variations: Pricing can vary depending on the country or expanse where the phone is launched. Taxes, aftermath duties,’ and local foodstuff reign could impact the final price tag for consumers.


  • Limited Launch or Wider Fallout?: It’s changeful whether Poco had a rounded launching for the F6 Pro 5G or a limited fallout in prefer markets initially.
  • Staying Informed: Here are some ways to stay updated on the Poco F6 Pro 5G’s availability:
  1. ‌Following Poco’s authorized ethnic media channels.
  2. ‌Subscribing to news and tech Clogs that cover smartphone launches.
  3. ‌Checking with major retailers in your country who typically sold Poco phones.

Here are some authorized things to consider:

  • Unconfirmed Information: Price and accessibility details are rigorously based on conjecture and past trends. Official substantiation came from Poco when they announced the phone.
  • Alternative Options: If you are looking for a phone with like features in the mid range to upper mid range segment, it is wise to hunt other options shortly approachable in the market.
  • Competition: ‌Briefly mentioned some key competitors in the Poco F6 Pro 5G’s expected price range. This could have helped readers liken features and make informed decisions.

‌For example as well as you might have said, The Poco F6 Pro 5G likelier face reign from phones like the Realm GT Neo 5 and the upcoming Redd Note 14 Pro+. It will be interesting to see how Poco positions the F6 Pro 5G in terms of features and price to stand out from the crowd.

Target Audience:

‌Considered who the direct interview might have was for the Poco F6 Pro 5G. Is it gamers? Mobile autotypic enthusiasts? Budget conscious users who want flagship like features? Highlighting this could help readers determined if this phone is a good fit for them.

‌Software Updates: Briefly touched on Poco’s track mark with parcel updates. How long does Poco typically supported their phones with parcel updates and credentials patches? This can be an important broker for some users who want to keep their phone fix and fashionable for single years.

Official Announcement:

‌Concluded by reiterating that these are speculations and the authorized annunciation from Poco revealed all the confirmed details. Encourage readers to stay tuned for authorized Poco channels for the modish updates.

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Last Update: March 9, 2024

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